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Helping entrepreneurs with big hearts create famous brand that will change the world. Discover our Step-by-Step Brand Development System. We guarantee you’ll love your brand design or your money back.


Creating a famous brand starts with more than a logo design. That’s why we created the World’s First DIY (do-it-yourself) branding agency for impact-driven entrepreneurs. First, we will help you get clear and feel confident how to communicate your big idea to the world. Then we will match you with our hand-picked community of expert brand designers from all over the world. Brands for the Heart is for social entrepreneurs bootstrapping their way to a better world. Everyone has a difference to make, we’re here to help you brand it to life.

We are called Brands for the Heart, because change starts from the heart.

We exist to support purposeful entrepreneurs who are on mission to make a positive impact for our people and planet. We are here to serve change makers to create a whole new wave of Fortune 500’s to change the way business is done. We believe that change starts with the heart which when it’s aligned in your business can make a ripple effect of change.

Bring love to business through creating 1,000,0000 Million famous brands that change the world.

We will rest when all businesses make a profit without being greedy. When they add more value into the world then they extract. We will exhale when we’ve helped 1,000,0000 Million impact-driven entrepreneurs become world famous brands. And, finally we dream of a day when the discussion about branding is no longer about the logo design.

  1. Bring love to business
  2. Take creative leaps
  3. Lift people up
  4. Authentically show up
  5. Learn from eachother

  1. Everyone is creative, resourceful and Good
  2. Businesses can prosper without greediness
  3. One person can make a difference
  4. Change starts from the heart

Andrea Shillington








The Founder, Andrea Shillington

Andrea gave up the corporate world to pursue her passion to help startup businesses become world famous brands. Before creating Brands for the Heart, Andrea was a brand consultant for several years in the Middle East, Europe and North America. She worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from rebranding the UAE’s federal governments to re-branding hospitality groups.

After returning home to Vancouver, Andrea re-discovered the startup community and wanted to find a way to make strategic branding affordable. Going much deeper than logo design, Brands for the Heart was born to help startup businesses with a vision to change the world. Brands for the Heart is a Vancouver branding agency serving entrepreneurs with big ideas all over the world.


We offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of payment with the following requirements:
– Complete and submit homework for all 6 Modules of Famous Brands 101.
– If you haven’t started the design implementation process with your selected designer.

Not in love with the designs? No worries! We’re more than happy to help you re-write your brief, re-open your project to ensure you get what you’re looking for, and help you pick a the right designer. Give us a call — we’re here to help you bring your vision to life!
What happens to the designs? Remember, if you ask for a refund on your contest, you aren’t legally entitled to use any of the designs submitted to your contest. You own the rights only to the design of the projects that you finalize with your chosen designer.

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