look and feel like a fortune 500,
on a small business budget.

Prefer to talk to a human?


impact starts with
your clarity.

When it comes to communicating, you may feel like an ocean pouring out of a sink tap. Andrea will be there to guide you to focus in on your message, brainstorm ideas and help you get crystal clear. You’ll get instant access to The Impact Method program to turn what’s in your heart into actionable impact.

weekly hand holding
with a business soul

Changing the world isn’t a cookie cutter process. Andrea will be there to guide and support you in getting clear with some serious TLC as you master your impactful message. You’ll have access to our very own, CEO + business soul architect through video group coaching calls, for 90 days everyTuesday. Andrea has worked globally as a brand strategist for 14 years with Fortune 500’s and hundreds of startups.

launch your project
in our exclusive
design community.

Now that you’re focused, clear and rock-solid confident sit back and let our designers work their magic for you.Invite up to 5 of our brilliant designers to submit theirlogo ideas for your impactful project. Forget 1 designerand 1 set of designs, now you can pick from up to 5of the best designers from around the world.

receive design brilliance.

All you have to do is watch the brilliant ideas pour in. You will receive notifications as soon as a new design is posted. We should warn you that the high caliber of designers we attract,wouldn’t be caught dead on your typical logo competition sites, so with us you can expect quality vs. an overwhelming ok-but-not-wow designs. So if you’re the type of person who values doing it right the first time, we’re your peeps Legacy leaders who don’t rush to their destiny.

share feedback
+ ideas.

Think of our designers as the heart surgeons of your business, they are professionals and will be there to guide you in the design process as your creative partner. The more detailed and specific your feedback, the easier it will be to bring your impact to life. Don’t worry you don’t have to be a marketer to do this, we’ll guide you through this helping you share your thoughts and ideas so that you can fully communicate your vision.

select your favorite designer.

All of our designers are fan-fricking-tastic, but only one will become your creative partner. That’s why we suggest you jam back and forth with them a bit so you know they truly jive with your vision.

finalize your
brand design.

You’ll have a chance to further refine the initial concepts with your selected designer once you have hired them. This is the time when you make sure everything is tickatie-boo to your liking.

Need advice?


start making a bigger impact.

Now it’s time for you to re-launch your impactful vision into the world.
Poof, world changed. It’s time for the rubber to hit the road.